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What Happened to Inspiration?

A large percentage of this generation of young people are the “gimme” generation. A large percentage of this generation are the “Occupy” generation. A large percentage of this generation are, then, the “Obama” generation.

What happened to the young people who, through their own hard work and tenacity, wanted to be INSPIRED by those with special talents or the ability to make great lives for themselves. Nowadays, most of them want to skip the inspiration and the hard work and simply go for the goods those people own. They want what these people HAVE. They want them to GIVE them everything. They want the GOVERNMENT to give them everything for free! Here’s a hint, freeloaders: the government creates NOTHING. The government owns NOTHING!

Okay, think about it for a minute, geniuses! Assume that the government, who has the right to ZILCH that the rich man owns, takes what he has anyway and gives it to you. Got it? At that moment, you own more than those who are not pathetic enough to ask for more. Now YOU owe THEM what you have that they DON’T have – right?

Here’s the part that will have to be explained to the “gimmees”, because lazy people have no need to learn math. Recall that those with all the wealth are only 1%, while the ones who have less represent 99%. To shorten the process, just skip to the last step with me. After all the wealth of the 1% has been distributed evenly, until EVERYONE has what EVERYONE else has…….EVERYONE WILL BE POOR AND DEPENDENT ON THE GOVERNMENT, WHO HAS NO WEALTH OF ITS OWN!

Just watch this video of a Fox News interview of a Valencia College Economics professor discussing what eighty percent of his students feel the government (hence, we) owe them:

YouTube Preview Image

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