Newt Gingrich Eats Another Suckerfish – Piers Morgan

I liken the individuals in the mainstream media to remoras – you know, the fish that follow and stick to the shark to capture what morsels come out of his mouth? They also call them suckerfish. That would make Obama, of course, the shark.

If you watched the last CNN GOP debate in Arizona, you then noticed the questions that CNN moderator, John King asked, as well as the ones that he DIDN’T ask. King asked all the provocative questions about the topics that have caused inter-fighting amongst the GOP Candidates, the ones that were intended as “gotchas” and to make the four look bad to the public, and everything else except those that really mattered. John King missed the perfect opportunity to redeem himself as a genuine newsman.

There were no questions about how they might repair the jobs catastrophe, about how they might proceed on getting to the truth in Fast & Furious, what they would do about soaring gas prices, what they might have done differently on the pipeline issue (or drilling or ANY important questions about fossil fuels), etc., etc. The only time Barack Hussein Obama was even mentioned by the moderator was when he was timidly chiding them for offering criticism to HIS king. John King is a remora of the worst kind.

I said all that to say this – Newt Gingrich, whether you like him or not, is a remora eater. The other night, CNN’s Piers Morgan was chewed up and spit out by Newt, on the Koran burning apologies. If Newt doesn’t get elected, he should still make a career out of spanking the hineys of the “State Run” media.

Watch Piers Morgan’s tentative approach. He is not flinging his whole fight at Newt, for fear of drawing back a nub. He must have been watching that recent debate when John King was “Newtered”:

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