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It Took Russia Today To Report It

It Took Russia Today To Report Mini Assassin Drones – Are They For Americans?

There are many things that are terrifying about America today. We are being slammed by the sheer volume of news, so how could we possibly take it all in, much less sort it into true and false columns!

I think that this video is possibly one of the scariest videos I’ve seen lately, for two reasons. One reason is obvious – that it shows miniature surveillance and assassin drones that have been developed by General Dynamics that could, and probably will, be used on Americans at the direction of a twinkie the size of Twiggy! But the scariest thing about this video is that it took the news network, Russia Today, to bring this to our attention whatsoever! And the most amazing thing is that the reporter knows what a profound liar her subject is and has no problem addressing it!! We have to watch Russia Today to get honest news about what goes on in our country!

Anyway watch this video and when you’re done, I suggest all the clay pigeon shooters brush up and all of our techie guys and gals study how to hijack these babies and reprogram them:

Nothing To Worry About Here..

Is It A Simulated Police Action On Civilians Over The Skies Of Miami?

I worked third shift about three years ago and on the way in one night, as I traveled along a stretch of four lane bypass, I got caught up in a group of four NC State Troupers executing a “rolling” road block. They apparently were practicing. Things have picked up pretty much since then.

We have watched a huge primer-colored C-class military heavy equipment cargo plane doing continuous “touch and goes” at PTI Airport in the last few months and lots of the proverbial black helicopters overhead much of the time here in our small community in central North Carolina.

We’re right smack in the middle of a full assault on our 2nd Amendment rights, and suddenly there’s a huge shortage of ammo and reloading supplies.

The largest percentage of people in America are those who would say that the coming police state could NEVER happen in America. I just want to ask them if they remember the government slaughter by fire of all of those adults and children in Waco, Texas. Their crimes? Isolation and a religion that was strange to Janet Reno. Can you imagine anyone being called “strange” or “different” by the likes of Janet Reno?

Well, here’s a little bit more to think about from the skies of downtown Miami, where local law enforcement is working in cahoots with the military (now there’s a good sign) in a paramilitary choreography that looks for all the world to be simulated police action on civilians. Could that be why Obama is asking military leaders to let him know whether or not they would be willing to fire upon American citizens?

Listen to the fragile, lemming-like reporter as he explains the exercises just as he has been told to explain them. Listen for the blank automatic weapons fire, also! Maybe he’ll get the chance to report the REAL event soon:

Disregard What Witnesses Say

Connecticut Police As Down On Whistleblowers As Obama Has Been

Whoah!! It seems that the Connecticut police are as afraid of whistleblowers exposing the truth as Barack Hussein Obama, or as he’s known here – The Liar – has been!

Following the school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, we’ve gotten such a mix of witness reports (see last post) that we don’t know what or who to believe. Gosh, it sure is a good thing that we have the press, the police and the government editing the facts and telling us what we will believe!

Remember Obama escalating his attacks on whistleblowers last month with the National Insider Threat Policy? I mean, who in the world wants Obama’s lies and cover-ups brought to light, right?

The difference in witness accounts and what the police have released as the official story are so starkly contrasted – kinda like at the theater shooting in Colorado – that the police have had to step in and threaten anyone who might have a different version of events than the version they hold as fact. That’s their story and they’re stickin’ to it!

Here’s a Connecticut Police spokesman, Lt. J. Paul Vance, telling us about how Newton authorities will prosecute journalists who attempt to get to the truth of the matter:

Freeze Dried Food

New Toilet Paper

Obama Might As Well Have Defecated On The Flag

The world is upside down. The truth is a lie and a lie is the truth. Welcome to the world of Obama and the rest of the Liberals and Marxists!

Has the media taken notice that the world has noticed their lies and their spin on the news in order to drag Obama across the finish line? Evidently not. This is a world in which a few bloggers who work in their underwear actually do a better job at reporting the news than the so-called “pros” and “journalists”. Go figure.

It’s a world where Obama can ignore warnings so that the American Ambassador to Libya is murdered, then lie to cover it up, where the DOJ can get away with lying and covering up their and the Administration’s involvement in and knowledge of Fast & Furious, where Obama can admit his belief in wealth redistribution after having hidden it for four years, where Obama can secretly reinstate the “indefinite detention” part of NDAA, where Obama can appear on the Letterman Show, entertain with Beyonce and Jay-Z, sleep and fund-raise in Las Vegas while the Middle East burns as a result of his policies, and more….AND THEN, the headlines to sum up the week are “These Are Tough Days For The Romney Campaign”! Go figure!

Now, on top of all of THAT deception and irreverence, Obama has decided to defecate on the American flag. Well, he might as well have done just that! Remember when a version of the flag came out with a picture of his big-eared, lying mug where the star field should be? Now he is selling a print that depicts the flag with the red stripes “smeared” across its length, and then Obama’s own communist “logo” in the place of the star field! Libya and the Arab Spring states should burn THIS ugly filth, if they want to burn a flag!

He’s actually selling this piece of irreverent junk on barackobama.com! Go figure.:

More Police Brutality

“Heroic” LAPD Officers – One Woman Smothered And Another Face-Slammed Into Asphalt

Evidently, we need to create a special section just to report police brutality, mainly on women. These are two recent incidents that somehow evaded national coverage. The first woman was kicked in the groin and allegedly smothered to death for child endangerment. The second was face-slammed into the asphalt while handcuffed. The officers involved in the second incident fist-bumped in apparent celebration for the “heroic” act on a woman.

In the first incident, in South LA, Alesia Thomas was being “arrested” for child endangerment. Evidently, she had left her teenage child and a younger child at home alone. While this seems to be a very serious charge, it definitely does not carry the death penalty in my book. And should certainly not be executed by the arresting officers. One officer verbally threatened to kick Alesia, a human being, in the groin if she did not immediately comply. Is it possible that that unreasonable threat is why she DIDN’T immediately comply? Then the officer carried out the threat. A short while later, she died when she was apparently unable to breathe. You can read more on this at InformationLiberation: Here is the video:

In the second event, 34-year-old Michelle Jordan, of Sunland was allegedly handcuffed and then body-slammed, face first, into the asphalt by 2 big hero cops, for the crime of cell phone use. The commanding officer has been removed and both offending officers, one a 22-year veteran of the force, and the other was a probationary officer with just 10 months on the job, will be dealt with accordingly. In my opinion, whatever they receive will not be harsh enough!

Read more on this police fascist action at InformationLiberation. Here is the video:

Can Police Do This

St. Paul Man Kicked In Throat By Officer While Defenseless On The Ground

Here’s another “hero” cop, sharing the “manliness” of girl-beater (now ex-cop), Christopher Geraci. This one, as opposed to beating up a frail woman with her arms behind her back, does his manly work on a pepper sprayed man down on the sidewalk and then again later, as he slams the man up against a car, with his hands cuffed behind him.

Both these incidents have been brought to light following the recent detention of Brandon J. Raub, Former Marine, without due process. And here I thought Obama would veto the NDAA as written. Evidently, we are living under a police state anyway.

30-year-old Eric Hightower was maced, pepper sprayed, and then, while laying defenseless on the ground, the “officer” suddenly kicked him in the throat. Watch the the video. There were ten or more officers nearby.

Be sure and read the whole article at the link below. The most telling statement is “He was arrested for terroristic threats, damage to property and obstruction of the legal process, according to the report. He has no been charged.” So, then, he is what – taken and beaten while defenseless without warrant and then detained without due process? So, any time the police want to attack us and hold us without due process, they only have to say the words “terroristic threats”?

From CBS Minnesota:

The victim asks the cop over and over again what he is being arrested for but the officer refuses to answer.

“Can you tell me what’s going on? You don’t have a warrant for my arrest,” the man pleads as he coughs as a result of being pepper sprayed.

At the 1:15 mark in the video, the cop kicks the man in the throat for no apparent reason.

The man is then handcuffed before the officer punches him in the head. He is then slammed onto a patrol car and held down as his hair is pulled back.

As officers struggle to put the man in the patrol car, other cops try to intimidate the man recording the video.

From the video it appears as if around ten police officers are involved in the arrest of one man.

Welcome to Amerika.

Survival Camping World

Chris Geraci Hits Girls

Ex-Cop Chris Geraci Can Beat Any Girl With Her Hands Tied Behind Her Back!

Remember how the Obama Campaign dug up a story about how a young Mitt Romney supposedly bullied a male schoolmate by holding him down and cutting his hair? You remember – then, according to the now deceased “victim’s” family it was found that this never occurred? THEN, it was found that young Barry, himself, had bullied a little girl during school on the playground. That’s right – a GIRL!! This was just the beginning of Obama’s dishonest campaign ads coming back to bite HIM, much like Frankenstein did his creator.

Well, now it seems that we’ve stumbled upon a cop that might be every bit as manly as Barrack! And this guy seems to be just as ignorant about the newfangled devices recording his every word and move for the world to see later as Barry seems to be! Except I just don’t think that there are going to be any pathetic liberals around to believe this guy’s lying explanation about what they’re not really hearing or seeing on the tape like there always are for Barrack Hussein Obama!

Eight year veteran Florida police officer Christopher Geraci, 33 pulled Abbi Bonds, 29, over for a traffic violation. She was talking to someone on the phone, apparently asking for help. He told her to remain in the vehicle, and she didn’t react as he instructed, so he handcuffed her and then slammed her body and face into the side of her car – just as ANY heroic 250 lb cop should a 100 lb soaking wet woman! He explained that he did that for her not following his “simple instructions.”

Just listen to the dialog on the video and you’ll hear the complete incident. Draw your own conclusions. His department heads have already drawn their own conclusions. This small girl beater has been fired. Hopefully, she will sue him into submission. We, as a country, are hoping to do the same to our own Little Girl Beater-in-Chief this November.

Check List Preparedness

FBI Internet Spying

FBI’s New Internet Spy Unit: Safety Only Comes With Anonymity

If you use the internet, you are not anonymous. Period.

It’s a well known fact that the authorities have been watching for a long time. It’s just that now the FBI has simply made that official, with the formation of the National Domestic Communications Assistance Center (NDCAC). Its job is to cull information from cracked Skype conversations, to analyze traffic, to wiretap and more.

There’s a long list of words that they’ll look out for that will key them in to the “gist” of conversations. All the usual suspects will be in that list. We’ll all have to be careful what we post in our favorite comments sections in the heat of the moment.

The NDCAC will also be responsible for developing new internet spying technology on an ongoing basis. If you think for a moment that what you write can be lost in the vast universe of internet communications, just look at what Google can reveal in a matter of micro-seconds.

When it’s time to grab your bugout bag, trashing the internet will become important in staying anonymous. There is, of course, the fine line between anonymity and staying up on current events. We’ll all just have to weigh the importance of each, should the time come for us individually.

What really burns me up about this is that it is so much like the PC movement. The politically correct Progressives have taken ownership of words and phrases, and if you use such a word or phrase, then you are tagged as racist, etc. The problem with this comes when they accuse you of using “coded” language. It gives them the “power” to translate for you what you meant even when you didn’t USE such a word or phrase. That is exactly why the most racist people that exist, are the politically correct progressives.

In the same way, you may flag the NDCAC with a word or phrase even though what you are ultimately communicating has nothing to do with the subjects for which they cull content.

Anyway, here’s what the FBI had to say to Cnet about the NDCAC:

“It is important to point out that the NDCAC will not be responsible for the actual execution of any electronic surveillance court orders and will not have any direct operational or investigative role in investigations. It will provide the technical knowledge and referrals in response to law enforcement’s requests for technical assistance.”

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