The New Clay Pigeons – Surveillance Drones

Heh, Heh, Heh! This is by far my favorite story to hit Al Gore’s “interwebs” this week! It’s the new skeet-style sport!

I can remember growing up………well, my wife says I never really grew up. I’ll start over. I can remember as a kid. I was very enthusiastic about firearms and learning how to use them. My best friend, Randy (who pretty much schooled me on these things), and I loved to spend the better part of a day shooting clay pigeons. It was more fun than shooting rats off the old dishwashers and clothes dryers at the dump.

Back then, you could take just a bit over $10.00 and get enough shot gun shells and clay pigeons at Kmart to do it. I had an old Mossberg 500 12 gauge with an adjustable choke that I might have gotten at Kmart, too. I can’t quite remember, but you could get rifles and shotguns there back then. We could only afford a hand thrower for the clay pigeons, but we didn’t know the difference anyway and I guarantee you we didn’t have any less fun.

There was a big and wide field, not far from where I attended high school, that was perfect. There were no homes nearby and it was almost as if nature had made us our own clay pigeon shooting field there. We’d shoot ’till the barrels of our shotguns were glowing or until we ran out of clay pigeons – whichever came first.

It sort of ruined it a little when we were finally able to buy one of those pigeon throwers that sat on the ground and that you “kicked” to trigger the throw. We sped our way through way too many clay pigeons to last a whole day, or, rather, than we could afford.

Those were the good ol’ days. But had we known THEN what we know NOW…….NOW the clay pigeons are provided for FREE by the Animal Rights people. They’re robotic, and you don’t even have to holler or kick anything to launch them. You just stand there with your shotgun and the Animal Rights people will send them to you overhead! WE call them remotely guided robotic clay pigeons. THEY call them surveillance drones.

Keep in mind, this version of the video was produced by the Shark hippies, so the dialog is what you would expect. There are two sides to this, but the other version doesn’t have an “embed” function, so google it:

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